was incorporated on the 16th day of March 2022 as a subsidiary of Koll Trade Supply & Trading Services, which has been in operation since 2007.


Our Company is committed to farming different agricultural and cash crops, processing cultivated crops into marketable finished products, and then selling and exporting various crops.

Planetary Agro Limited includes palm kernel oil, cassava starch, cassava flour, melon seeds(including grounded egusi), ogbono, palm oil, stockfish, dry fish, garlic, bitter kola, dried vegetable leaves, rice, beans, garlic, soybeans, cocoa seeds, or powder, wheat, sesame seeds, honey, shea butter, kola nut, charcoal, etc.


Some Of The Products We Offer:

Melon seed (including ground egusi)- Egusi refers to the seed of a highly nutritious type of watermelon found widely in Africa. Egusi is one the most widely consumed soups in Nigeria, it’s prepared by most tribes. It’s dry milled and combined with a little water to form a paste. The paste is then combined with seafood and cow’s meat to make the soup.

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